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You Are My Witness Online Real Time Form I-9

About Us

Welcome to You Are My Witness a division of AYIN International, Inc. We offer a unique platform for electronic Form I-9 processing.

Our offer is simple:

A. Trained live Authorized Agents and Remote Hire employees meeting in a real time secure interactive video conference.

B. The conference is recorded and may provide a good faith defense for employers scrutinized for technical and substantive violations in the event of an audit.

C. Our electronic signature solution is fast and simple providing the employee and employer with a clean, complete, correct, and sealed downloadable Form I-9 PDF with a time/date stamp audit trail and signing certificate.

This is the future of remote electronic Form I-9 processing and the future is NOW!

Since 1986 all employers are required to complete a Form I-9 for every new hire employee. Due to recent economic conditions and employer challenges in maintaining a competitive workforce, the need to integrate talent remote from the employers home office has become necessary.

The Form I-9 must be completed within 3 days of a new hire employee first day of work according USCIS.

Because of this dynamic of remote hires being distal from their employers home office, employers are at risk of non-compliance, audit, and substantial penalties levied by Immigration Customs Enforcement.

Our tag line reads "Real Time Online Electronic Form I-9 Processing", and it's apropos to the product we offer.

Our staff is knowledgeable courteous and willing to assist. Our Authorized Agents are certified and trained in electronic Form I-9 processing and leverage their talents to review identification documents which is a very efficient tandem for solid service. It's fast, convenient, efficient, secure and easy. In addition, saves time and money. We look forward to serving your needs and thank you for your interest in You Are My Witness. 

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